Mobile app that interacts with the catalog making the product appear in Augmented Reality on the physical catalog.

The client or commercial will download the application to your mobile or tablet. Through the camera of the mobile, the app detects the images of the physical catalog and interacts with them making the product appear in 3D about reality. It works through Augmented Reality .

Main Advantages


Improves the understanding of the products by the customers

Display products in their actual dimension and volume

Overcoming the limitations of the physical catalog

Provide added value information for sale

Competitive advantages of use

Leading positioning through technological innovation

Value added to the traditional way of presenting products

Generalization and ease of use by customers and customers

Amortization of the long-term investment by the possibility of updating the content

Recurrence of use without investment

In Marketing

Surprise effect on the part of the client

Continuation of the experience at home

Digital presence through an app

Media impact of the action

Engagement and brand retention

INNO Catalog AR Projects

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