Show the product or installation to the customer in an immersive environment through Virtual Reality.

The virtual showrooms are interactive experiences that introduce clients to a 100% digital environment, allowing them to take tours of any type of installation space and interact with all kinds of objects ranging from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes. The virtual showroom is infinite, without walls nor limits. It overcomes any physical or creative limitations of the physical exhibition space. It is also a portable experience, which can be moved to anywhere in the world in a small suitcase.

In Innoarea, we generate virtual clones of your product that perfectly simulate materials, textures and details using the latest digital recreation techniques. Moreover, the virtual showrooms allow the reproduction with high precision the processes through animations and technical explanations of the main values of the products, namely, layers that offer a more detailed information of certain objects.

Virtual showrooms suggest significant savings in cost and time since they do not involve recurring costs, and the high costs derived from the move, assembly and installation of physical showrooms are eliminated. Our software projects are updatable and modifiable to accommodate changing needs. Therefore, you can have unlimited diverse uses of your showroom.

These virtual experiences are capable of achieving a high impact on users as they are dealing with a VIP communication channel. According to a study developed by Greenlight VR, 53% of consumers prefer brands that offer virtual experiences, so it becomes a powerful tool in fairs and events when it comes to capturing the attention of attendees. In this way, it is possible to produce an effect of admiration in the clients, contributing a great differential value to the competition. Simultaneously, this immersion causes a high retention of your brand in the mind of your potential client.

Main advantages

It allows

A reality replicating experience

Visualization of product motion

Include extra information like technical explanations

Reality bending product disassembly for better visualization

Competitive advantages

Leading positioning through technological innovation

Easy to modify or create content

Cost saving of transfer and sample of products

Fast amortization of the investment

Live VR experience as many times as you wish without any investment

Talking about marketing

Immersive customer experience

Overachieve client VR expectations

Positive impact in media

100% customer attention on the product

Engagement and brand retention

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