Direct communication with experts

This augmented and mixed reality catalog is a digital layer that allows you, through any mobile device, to visualize your products in 3D in the real environment, thus showing their sizes and volumes and breaking the barriers of the physical catalog. The client can interact with the objects and modify their attributes, creating a dynamic, live catalog that guarantees an experience far superior to the standard.

Main advantages

  • Improve the understanding of the products
  • Visualize the products in 3D
  • Overcome the limitations of a physical catalog
  • Shares data about the use of the product with the seller
  • Leader in innovative technology
  • Improves the traditional form of presenting products
  • Re-experience the product without investment
  • Surprises the client
  • Digital presence through an app
  • Impact the media
  • Interact and remember your brand


  • Download the App

    Personalized for the smartphone

  • Point the smartphone at the catalog

    Choose the product you want to visualize

  • Virtual visualization

    Augmented visualization of the product's real dimensions




    Once the application is installed on their mobile or tablet, the users can interact with their AR catalog and visualize technical disassembling and detailed processes of the product that provide additional information that is useful for sales. Another aspect of this innovative technology is to configure objects, with the ability to customize different outcomes.



    These types of applications are capable of greatly surprising the client, increasing the interest in your brand, as well as improving the positioning of your company in the market.



    To have statistical control of all the data that is recorded when the client uses the application. In Innoarea, we monitor the data, allowing us to know in detail the needs of the client and adjust the app to make the use of the product more attractive.


    The virtual catalog is available for Android and iOS devices.