On April 11, Innoarea was present at an internal event of Continental, one of the most important European companies manufacturing tires and other parts for the automotive and transport industries.

It is clear that companies like Continental are increasingly betting on the channels of innovation and industry 4.0. For this reason, we moved to Copenhagen to attend Continental’s internal event and be able to show its workers the benefits that augmented reality can bring to the industrial sector and, more specifically, to your company.

In order to show all the above, the Innoarea team designed, using the technology of augmented reality, an interactive tour consisting of 11 stops arranged throughout the enclosure through physical stands. In each of them it was shown, through a tablet device (and the aforementioned augmented reality), important data of the company, such as: gender statistics, average age of workers, degrees of experience of the same, costs of various projects underway … Likewise, it was shown, in several of the stops, data related to investment in innovation, research of new technologies, etc. After having visited and unlocked each and every one of the locations (stands), the worker could unlock the last phase. At that time a virtual gate opened from which emerged a Continental tire supported by a robotic arm. At the end of the visualization, an advertising spot of the brand was shown as a climax to the tour, both real and virtual, that the workers made.


With this pleasant presentation of the possibilities of augmented reality we intend, from Innoarea, that the business world understand the increasing value of the use of technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality in all types of sectors and through all kinds of applications of the same, including, as in the case of this virtual game designed for Continental, the potential of “gamification” through augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.