Advertising and marketing agencies constantly seek to surprise in the ways of telling stories, adding more value for users. Many of them today use these new technologies as a tool to create unique, innovative and more exciting experiences than ever.

The key is in the interaction. The brand experience plays a key role to connect, move and retain consumers. The active participation of the user is essential to activate one of the most important processes of brand reputation: word of mouth.

So far the theory …

But, in practice: Which is the added value of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the interaction with consumers?


It allows to develop experiences where virtual elements are superimposed on reality. Here are some examples:

AR Filters: Better known as Instagram and Snapchat filters. What they do is create fun interactions with the users, getting closer to them with a more direct and close communication. One of the advantages is that the content will be shared by the same user, thus increasing visibility.

Multiplayer gamification: It allows creating even more interactive experiences thanks to the first-person participation of users, in a fun and stimulating way. Continental chose us to provide its internal marketing event with a gamification AR app for its employees.

Through augmented reality, time, travel and advertising costs are saved mostly thanks to the scalability and availability of the experiences.


It allows a complete immersion of the user into a new world and at their complete disposal. The possibilities are endless but we are going to present some of the most impressive ones.

Virtual Journey: In the virtual world it is possible to create a journey of the brand’s products or services history. Thanks to a 360º immersion, the user experience produces emotions that will surely be remembered with a smile. In collaboration with the Kids agency we have created the esotic journey for presenting the new type of Nestlè’s Nuii ice creams.

This trip can be made even more interactive by becoming a virtual game for all intents and purposes. Here the experience increases the retention and loyalty to the brand. In the following video you will see how Halloween  chose to present its new line of perfumes through an exciting game.

In conclusion, these technological tools save costs and time, are scalable, and enhance immersion and interaction with the user who will feel closer and closer to the brand.

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