We are building a step outside the limits of the physical world, these are the words of Mark Zuckerberg who presented today at 7:00 p.m. the new Oculus Quest 2, the long-awaited successor to the best-selling autonomous virtual reality viewer in the world. moment, explaining its important improvements.

How does it work?

With just a simple configuration through the mobile, it is possible to use the virtual reality viewer anywhere, without a computer, or cables or ties and with a wider catalog of applications, games and experiences. The successor to Oculus Connect, Facebook Connect, has been able to surprise us again, showing a multitude of virtually possible experiences, which are getting closer and closer to reality.

What are the new characteristics?

The most anticipated and exciting novelty has been the price of the Oculus Quest 2, starting at $ 299 it will be possible to obtain the new virtual reality headset, saving $ 100 compared to the price of the previous version. Starting today, it is possible to reserve the viewer that will be available from October 13. It is evident that the objective which Mark Zukemberg and Andrew Bosworth have mentioned more times is expanding the accessibility of the product, integrating what is defined as “unrepresented community” than for reasons such as the perceived complexity of the technology, the price, etc. they do not make use of virtual reality and its advantages.

About the features of Oculus Quest 2 can be considered significant improvements from the previous version in all technical aspects, in fact it is compatible with all apps and games, it also has many of the same technologies such as Oculus link to connect it to a computer and hand recognition, which allows moving within virtual reality in a faster, easier and more intuitive way.

To be more specific…

Among the novelties, the quality jump in pixel density rises by 50%, a resolution that approaches 4K, surpassing the Rift S, with the use of a single LCD screen instead of two OLEDs. Another jump in quality is found in the processor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 base, compared to the previous Snapdragon 835, also increasing the 6 GB RAM, reaching an internal storage of 256 GB with a battery that lasts on average 2 or 3 hours . In short words, this SoC (system on chip) allows twice higher performance in both processor and graphics, increasing the possible operations to the second, giving an important margin to developers, who can create more complete and complex experiences.

In addition, the Oculus Quest two has been redesigned, smaller in size and in gray, making it more attractive thanks to the new strap that provides more comfort and ergonomics when wearing the device. Likewise, the controls have an ergonomics that, like the previous model, guarantee a minimum effort for the user when using the viewer.

The Extended Reality for all, closer and closer

After the presentation of the virtual reality viewer is finished, Andrew Bosworth, Facebook executive and faithful companion of Zuckerberg, reveals the product that will be available next year of Augmented Reality. Its name is Project Aria, a research device that collects data for machine perception and AI research. Thanks to simple glasses, it will be possible to obtain information in real environments, thanks to LiveMaps of 3D spaces, which will allow you to live with the “superpowers” ​​of new technologies.

Finally, Meaghan Fitzgerald, Head of Experiences Product Marketing, reveals upcoming updates to the Oculus Venues app, through which users can participate together in concerts, sporting events and much more. In fact the general idea is to generate possibilities of socialization through Virtual Reality technology, and it will be carried out through three important novelties.

  1. Being able to use Messenger, giving the possibility to users to speak and share virtual experiences;
  2. Development of avatars so that they can be used cross-sectionally in all Facebook apps;
  3. Challenge app that will allow you to play with other users to meet challenges while having fun.

Moreover, the most important point that has been mentioned more times by the founder of Facebook, is that the final objective is concretized in the creation of technologies capable of connecting people more and more, adding value to an experience that is always closer to reality, going beyond the limits of space.