Customer interaction with the products that are displayed in Virtual Reality with a complete customization of the usage experience.

We take the client to a virtual environment where he is able to interact with the product by modifying and customizing it to his liking. Ideal solution for ceramic or furniture companies. Through glasses Virtual Reality the client moves to the interior of a house where you can change the finishes or modify the furniture.

Main Avantages


Customize the experience for each client

Change the product configuration to your liking

Include large product ranges in the same space

View alternative product combinations

Competitive advantages of use

Leading positioning through technological innovation

Personalization of the experience for each client

Cost savings by including multiple product ranges

Fast repayment of investment

Recurrence of use of experience without investment

In Marketing

Interactive Customer Experience

Commercial narratives with gamification

Creation of expectations of use by the client

Media impact of the action

100% care in your product by the customer

Engagement and brand retention

INNO Interact VR Project

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