A week ago we attended the ROS Film Fest in Las Naves, Valencia. It is a festival that, on the occasion of robotic culture and cinema, united art, technology and new media. It is the first international and online festival of robotic themes.


This festival was aimed at a wide audience, since among its attendees there were children interested in robotics, to engineers with extensive knowledge in the sector. Therefore, the offer of activities was wide. In this festival you could enjoy from a round table of New Media Arts to robot programming workshops. In addition, several DJ artists performed on the terrace that made electronic music the perfect soundtrack for this festival. Finally, there was a Showroom space where we had the pleasure of participating. It was a multidisciplinary space where there was room for technologies such as Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, but also for 3D and robotics printing companies, or for remote-controlled cameras.




In this festival there was also room for performance and video art. All following the same robotic and fictional theme, transporting you to scenarios such as those of Blade Runner, unique, futuristic and highly technological, although always with an artistic touch.

Finally, we can only say that the attendees were very happy, many of them were the first time they tried Virtual Reality, and the queues that were formed by both children and adults denoted the fascination that technologies created. For our part, we were also very grateful to be part of this festival, it was very fun to be part of this fusion of robotics, technology and art.