Last week (May 8-11) we were in Barcelona to attend Hispack 2018, which has established itself as the professional fair of the most important packaging industry in Spain and one of the first four in Europe.

As the director of Hispack 2018, Xavier Pascual:

“Hispack adds in this edition packaging, process and logistics which allows us to grow in offer and above all, to address the packaging in a multidisciplinary way, taking into account its entire life cycle. We want to demonstrate that packaging is an increasingly decisive element in the global strategy of any company not only in the transmission of the brand experience, but also in determining the technical manufacturing and preservation needs of the products, the supply chain and the point of sale.
This year about 800 direct exhibitors will participate, which in represented firms represents the presence of some 1,400 companies, and attract more than 35,000 professionals. In addition there will be news in terms of content. We have created four major areas where the great challenges to which packaging must respond will be visualized: sustainability, logistics, automation, and the experience of use. On these topics, the training activities that take place at the fair will revolve. ”


Among the exposed products, the following stand out: packaging and bottling machinery, packaging, raw materials, logistics, advertising at the point of sale, recovery and waste treatment, etc.
Once on the premises, we were able to see first hand the evolutionary channels through which the packaging and packaging industry runs. Hundreds of stands and stands give a good account of the expansion and good health enjoyed by the sector.

The main reason to attend was to accompany several of our clients in the presentation of the work we have been doing for them. Such is the case of companies such as Radar and Pygsa. For both clients we have developed a virtual reality experience in which both machinery and installation processes could be visualized. All this in a high fidelity virtual environment.



We also take advantage of having come to this fair to visit clients with whom we have already worked, as well as visit those clients with whom we have ongoing projects, such as Tavil or ATP companies.

In summary, an essential fair to take the pulse of a booming industrial sector in our country and from which we take new knowledge and possible commercial and strategic alliances.