We are very happy to announce that we have been selected to carry out 3 projects in the VLC Call Challenges of  Valencia Activa “Innovative challenges of the productive sectors of the city of Valencia” with which we will work to promote the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality in our city, Valencia!

What are the objectives?

The aim of the call is to develop innovation in Valencian productive sectors. Valencia Activa is an instrument used by the Valencia City Council with the purpose of being able to effectively coordinate the structures of the Valencian community in economic and employment development. In order to achieve this, innovation is among the first options to which we must resort.

Why Innoarea?

Since our birth here at Innoarea we have been working on technology projects with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. We are sure that we will bring concrete benefits to the development of Valencia as a benchmark in innovation. Soon we will give you news about our disruptive projects!

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