On October 16, the Innoarea Projects team attended one of the most important fairs of the plastics and rubber industry in Europe, the K Fair, which was held in the city of Düsseldorf (Germany). We attend to accompany one of our clients, specifically, the Plastic Technological Institute (AIMPLAS).

AIMPLAS is one of the leading companies in this sector. It is responsible for developing innovative products related to the plastics industry, improving the properties of the materials used by companies in their production chain. Likewise, this company operates in different sectors such as construction, recycling and the environment, electronics, medicine, nautical or automotive, among many others.

For the K Fair, the AIMPLAS team wanted to show the Virtual Reality experience that we developed in Innoarea Projects, with the purpose of showing the visitors of the fair the applications of the results of their latest research. The Virtual Reality project is a totally immersive experience, specifically, it is a showroom, which allows the user to move freely thanks to Virtual Reality glasses through different scenarios in which the AIMPLAS materials can be viewed: a housing, a bedroom, a car and, finally, a hospital.

Once the assistant puts on the glasses, they have the feeling of being physically in each of the rooms, where through the Virtual Reality controls, they can obtain information on different objects designed by AIMPLAS, from biodegradable pipes to outdoor furniture made with wood and plastic materials as well as smart biomaterials that regenerate maxillofacial tissue, reducing surgeries. In general, AIMPLAS took advantage of this occasion to share its technological developments related, for example, to efficient mobility in cities.

This leading European event allowed us to learn about the most current projects that are being developed within the framework of the circular economy and climate change. Furthermore, AIMPLAS managed to arouse great interest among the attending public, and this has been possible thanks to the trust placed in the experience of the entire Innoarea Projects team in relation to extended realities.