Vrave agency becomes Innoarea Studios


Innoarea have always been divided into two main lines of business. A more industrial one, that operates under the name of Innoarea Projects , and  another one more focused on creative works, previously called Vrave agency.

After all this time, the Vrave brand was diluted giving way to the birth of Innoarea Studios. This works as an umbrella for all projects where marketing is an essential part. As a matter of fact we collaborate with agencies in order to enhance the message of big brands through immersive technologies.

In recent years we have been collaborating with large agencies such as Gray, Rosebud, Publips Serviceplan, Kids among others, and creating value for large brands such as Nestlé, Bimba y Lola, Halloween, Continental or Porcelanosa.

The Innoarea and Vrave Agency team awaits you in a place where all our technical knowledge and experience are at your service to create the marketing tools of the future.