We offer Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for the industry.

Innoarea brings innovation to companies in the industrial sector through the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences that improve their processes.

We design and develop solutions where technology is put at the service of industrial companies to improve their sales tools, their productivity, the training of their workers, as well as the resolution of incidents.
We work in customized solutions that adapt to the needs of each client using the wide range of devices that are currently on the market.


Innoarea has a wide knowledge of the market acquired by our long experience as a design consultant working alongside the client and our spin off position of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. We apply strategic design methodologies in our projects, shaping solutions that incorporate technology as an added value that improves industrial processes.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

— Charles Eames

  • Alfonso Soriano
    Alfonso Soriano Founder & CEO
  • Pedro Jiménez
    Pedro Jiménez Partner & Business Developer
  • Álex Colombini
    Álex Colombini CTO & Lead Developer
  • Julio Fernández
    Julio Fernández Senior VR & AR Developer
  • Fran Guillem
    Fran Guillem Senior 3D Artist
  • Aurelio Puerta
    Aurelio Puerta VR & AR Developer
  • Mario Sellens
    Mario Sellens 3D Artist
  • Jose Maestre
    Jose Maestre Senior VR & AR Developer
  • Raúl Martínez
    Raúl Martínez Business Developer
  • Nico Tena
    Nico Tena Junior VR & AR Developer
  • Carlos Rizo
    Carlos Rizo VR & AR DEVELOPER
  • Julia Wibel
  • Jonatan Castell
    Jonatan Castell VR & AR DEVELOPER
  • Juan Iranzo
    Juan Iranzo VR DEVELOPER
  • Laura Vendrell
    Laura Vendrell
  • Paula Sanchez
    Paula Sanchez Social Media
  • Mike Fernandez
    Mike Fernandez ART DIRECTOR