Last March we went, together with the Prilux company, to the “Light + Building 2018” fair held in Frankfurt from March 17 to 22.

Prilux, with more than 30 years of experience in the lighting sector, is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing lamps, indoor and outdoor luminaires and lighting solutions. All this counting combined with a leading technological level and very high level.

The work we developed for Prilux, in order to show it during the fair, consisted essentially of two parts:

First, we designed a virtual reality environment that allowed the visualization of a stadium for which Prilux prepared a lighting show. In turn, we designed another virtual reality environment in which the attendees of the fair were able to visualize a virtual street in which Prilux had prepared a lighting system for traffic lights and other leading lighting elements in the road safety sector.

You can see, in the following link, the video reel that we assemble for Prilux, and that shows the process of creating products for our customers: REEL PRILUX

Finally, we redesign, in Innoarea, parts of Prilux’s physical format catalog, adding the technology of augmented reality thanks to our product “INNOCATALOG AR”. In this way, attendees at the fair were able to verify the effectiveness of a catalog with augmented reality technology: products that appear before your eyes and at your fingertips and interactivity never seen in a product catalog, among many other advantages.


During the “Light + Building 2018” it became clear that brands such as Prilux, which have begun their transition to the industrial world 4.0, and that are firmly committed to innovation in the industry sector, are marking the way forward, in the future, for hundreds of companies around the world.