Expo that use Augmented Reality

Thanks to the use of Google glass, visitors will be able to live an immersive experience in the exhibition at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum.

The Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia had the objective of carrying out a promotional marketing action for its new exhibition “Communicating: From smoke signals to satellites” that takes a tour of the forms most primordial communication systems up to the latest technologies used today.



Strategically, the mission is to carry out an action that, in addition to promoting the exhibition, can serve as a complement to the content that is exposed in it. However, the action can be used on other occasions of need without resorting to new projects, saving time and costs. In addition, the purpose is to make use of innovative forms of communication to achieve the objectives set, reinforcing the theme on which the exhibition is inspired. By the way, now more than ever, it is important effective communication is essential to obtain successful results.



To achieve these purposes, we have created the design and development of an application for the Exhibition “Communicating” available for Google Glass and for mobile devices, similar to and app for the AR Catalog. In fact, this tool allows the user to enjoy an extended experience of their visit to the show. The application, through augmented reality, allows the visitor to access extra information and images that complete the contents exhibited in the museum. With this action, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is at the forefront with respect to the rest of the exhibition centers thanks to the use of Google Glass as an element that allows improving the user experience at its exhibition.



The use of Augmented Reality allows an immersive and innovative experience. Thanks to smart glasses, visitors to the exhibition will be able to live an extended experience, being able to access extra information during their visit. Through this technology, an exhibition will be considered as innovative and at the forefront, drawing the attention of potentially interested people by offering them a new and exciting experience capable of giving a positive image and increasing engagement.


Leaders in innovation

The Expo is positioned as innovative within the sector.

Cost and Time Savings

The cost of the exhibition is reduced.


Improve promotion and sales tools.


In this project, the use of  Google Glass augmented reality glasses stands out. Smart glasses allow the display of information of different types (eg: instructions) leaving your hands free.

This technology makes it possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reducing errors and increasing the safety of the processes in which they are used.


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