Smart Glasses & Health

Thanks to smart glasses, the Hospital Universitario La Fe de Valencia is able to more efficiently trace the process of preparing master formulas for cancer patients.

The Health Department la Fe of Valencia is a benchmark within and outside the Valencian Community, both for its healthcare aspect and for its teaching and research work. Its motto Innovation, Commitment and Quality is more relevant today than ever. This Department represents the union of the pillars of the care experience of nearly 50 years of work of its professionals together with research and teaching. The La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital in Valencia is one of the best public hospitals in Europe. In this case, the project undertaken together with the Hospital Universitario La Fe de Valencia and included in the call for research grants from the Institute of Health Research Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe de Valencia.



The objective of the project, pioneer at a worldwide level , is to improve traceability in the process of preparing magisterial formulas for cancer patients. So the challenge is to optimize times by solving incidents immediately and also to find a tool that can guide laboratory technicians in complex tasks of this type, always making shared knowledge available in order to save time and eventual errors. In conclusion, the mission is to make the process of elaboration of the formulas as efficient as possible, reducing the possibilities of making mistakes by the technicians, who will feel safer in their work.



Thanks to the Smart Glasses is possible to achieve the goal of the project. The  technicians in the laboratory is guided during the process through the instructions that appear on the Google Glass screen. It is important tu underline that this operations are very simple and intuitive. In this case the device indicates the components to add to the formula and records the entire operation, in order to have available more update iformations about the processes. Then, through new technologies,  technicians who works in laboratories will have their hands free to work. Moreover the information and processes they have to follow will be easily to access and always available, ensuring a more efficient and safe formulation of formulas.



The competitive advantages are demonstrated for both patients and workers. On the one hand, laboratory technicians, or in a general situation nurses and doctors, can have access to a lot of information and processes that they only have to consult, avoiding many errors that are commonly observed. Likewise, the same nurses, doctors and laboratory technicians will be faster and more efficient in their work. On the other hand, patients will have greater security regarding their own health.


Time savings

More efficient processes.

Shared Knowledge

The difficulty connected to the multitude of specific information is reduced.


Reduction of the possibility of having errors.


In this project, the use of Google Glass augmented reality glasses stands out. Smart glasses allow the visualization of information of different types (ex .: instructions) leaving the hands free.

This technology allows to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reducing errors and increasing the safety of the processes in which they are used.


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