Showroom Virtual & Immersive AR

Azteca through the Virtual Showroom with Immersive AR presents itself with an innovative and competitive image in the ceramic sector.

Azteca is a company with 50 years of experience, which is dedicated to the commercialization of coatings for the habitat environment and the manufacture of ceramic products; all of them aimed at solving the needs of customers and prescribers, and always through their services. In addition, the company demonstrates its commitment to the environment through  Green Living and Azteca, affirming that it values ​​the past, manages the present and strives for a sustainable future, not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic and social perspective.



Azteca‘s objective is to capture the attention of visitors and convey a renewed image of the company, in order to be an innovative company that adapts to the present and future of the ceramic sector. In addition, to achieve its mission the company needs a way of presenting itself that can maintain the main characteristic of its product, which is quality. Likewise, it is essential to show itself to effective and potential customers as a company that always looks to the future, this allows to maintain and create long-term relationships with a high level of loyalty. Furthermore, it is also important to find a way to be perceived as more interesting compared to direct competitors.



Azteca presented at International fair Cevisama through a Virtual Showroom, thanks to the specific application created by Innoarea Projects that uses Immersive Augmented Reality catalog (AR) and a virtual experience (VR) which recreates the spaces represented in the Azteca catalog from scratch. In this case, the user experience is in a shopping center where they can freely visit different establishments and also switch between flooring and wall tiles combinations within the same collection. Moreover with the virtual reality , the company was able to give an immersive and interactive journey through his products and service. Likewise, the company will attract the attention of the visitors, achieving a renewed image as an innovative company in its sector, increasing its level of confidence and competitive power. Through our InnoSHOWROOM product we overcome the physical limitations of the exhibition space.



Choosing to present a product through a Virtual Showroom allows viewing in an infinite immersive environment, without walls or limits. An interactive experience is carried out in which clients can take tours of any space or installation or product and interact with all types of objects present. Its easy-to-navigate feature allows you to save costs and quickly reach a larger number of customers.


Leaders in innovation

Azteca is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

Cost Savings

The cost of the fair stand is reduced.


Improve sales and communication tools.


For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve the highest graphic quality since it works connected to a computer.

The Oculus Insight system works on a room scale, allowing users to move around a real space to interact with the app.

The Rift S scope has five sensors to track movement, with a system that works from the inside out. That is, the closest position tracking is enhanced to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing to objects in the game. The Oculus Rift S also allow us to see the environment without having to remove our helmet.


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