Bimba and lola's Bimbarders are now Augmented Reality filters

Thanks to the Augmented Reality filter, Bimba y Lola approaches customers in an interactive and fun way

Bimba & Lola is a Spanish fashion brand cataloged within the semi-luxury range that opened its first store in 2006 and today has more than 160 stores spread all over the world. Its founders are Uxía and María, nieces of Adolfo Domínguez known for having created one of the brands that was a fashion icon of the 80’s. The firm’s logo is embodied by the figure of a greyhound (mascot of one of its founders ), which is the emblem of each of the Bimba & Lola bags, purses, shoes, scarves and, in general, of the clothes.



Bimba y Lola wanted to find a tool that would allow them to have a closer relationship with their clients. Today one of the most used tools to achieve this purpose is the use of social networks, in which brand promotion actions can be more interactive and fun. Furthermore, Bimba and Lola want to take advantage of the Bimbarders, the four mysterious digital aliens created by the German illustrator Friederike Hantel: the BAF bear, the BOH cat, the LOM puppy and the LIS monkey. These creatures have invaded the brand’s garments, accessories and bags during the 2019/2020 Christmas collection and the streets of Madrid (buses, posters and even Bimba & Lola shop windows). In addition, the brand wants to continue building a positive image while keeping its corporate identity intact, enriching communication with its customers.



To achieve Bimba and Lola’s goal, an Augmented Reality filter with BAF, BOH, LOM and LIS was created for Bimba & Lola’s Instagram profile. Thus, Bimba & Lola followers can access the filter from the brand’s IG account and use it to locate the 4 animated Bimbarders on any real space from their own smartphone. Through the Instagram filter we can bring the four digital monsters to the physical world, allowing users of the social network to interact in a fun way with the creatures represented by Bimba and Lola. Customers will now be able to live a new digital experience connected to the brand, which will be perceived as closer to the entertainment and leisure needs of their followers, improving interaction and digital with them. In addition, the brand will be perceived as innovative compared to its competitors.

WHO ARE THE Bimbarders?


Each of the creatures to which the German illustrator has given life has a marked and very different personality:

BAF is a bear who always cares about others and does everything possible to help her own. Yoga has become her lifestyle.

BOH is a tender, sentimental and hypersensitive kitten and despite being a feline, she loves water and her favorite sport is swimming.

LOM is the most cuddly dog. It is one of those that inadvertently attracts everyone’s attention and captures all eyes. Another of his traits is that he is afraid or, better said, panic of the dark.

Finally, LIS is an intellectual monkey and very shy, so in her personal relationships she has some self-confidence problems.



Thanks to the Augmented Reality filter, the company can promote itself quickly and efficiently thanks to the users of social networks who will be directly responsible for the expansion of the filter, contributing to the consolidation of a positive image of the company through a fun and efficient experience. interactive. In addition, the use of the filter allows saving the costs of a normal promotional campaign by making people promote and cooperate autonomously. In addition, the company will be able to position itself as an innovator in its sector, improving communication tools with its customers.



The user can interact with the work.

Band image

Added value of the virtual experience.


There is no physical limit of viewers.



For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve the highest graphic quality since it works connected to a computer.

The Oculus Insight system works at room scale, allowing users to move around a real space while interacting with the application. The Rift S visor has five sensors to track movements, with a system that works from the inside out. Moreover the closest position tracking is enhanced to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing to objects in the game.

The Oculus Rift S also allows us to see the environment without having to remove our helmet.


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