Continental chooses the AR App to introduce itself to its employees

Thanks to the AR App, the Continental company can present its future technologies to employees in an interactive and collaborative way

Continental is a company born in 1871 that today is among the 5 best automotive suppliers in the world. The company offers safe, efficient, smart and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. Its main products include: brake systems, systems and components for transmissions and chassis, instrumentation, information solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers.



Continental holded up an internal event that took place in Copenhagen last April 2018. The company brought its employees together in order to inform them of the technologies with which they are implemented and the future of the company. As a matter of fact intention of the company was to present itself to its employees in an innovative way. In order to allow their active participation in the discovery of the present and future of the company.



An interactive augmented reality experience for internal marketing was developed for Continental. This same one has an interactive multiplayer gamification system, thus making an application as innovative as it is effective. The goal is for workers to collaborate to discover the company’s investment, education, and work-life initiatives. Moreover, the company’s data is collected and distributed by its headquarters in different countries. In fact the game has been configured in continents visualized through augmented reality that show the different data and statistics. Thanks to the AR Continental App, you get, in a very visual and interactive way, a global vision of the status of your company, with reliable statistics and percentages for each location. Finally, this project demonstrated how leading companies such as Continental are committed to innovation and especially to disruptive technologies such as Augmented Reality.



Through augmented reality, we achieve a unique and immersive user experience in the environment, generating new feelings towards technology. In addition, the company will be innovative in its sector. Likewise, this type of presentation of the company’s situation in front of its employees saves costs and travel times for human resources. It also represents an important competitive advantage in the internal marketing of the company. Surely functional to the construction of a collaborative and functional community.



The user can interact with the data and statistics.

No displacement

It is not necessary to move.


There is no physical limit of viewers.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows virtual elements to be superimposed on our vision of reality. Augmented Reality allows us to expand what our eyes see, using technological devices. This type of technology helps us to generate experiences that allow us to know our environment in depth in 3D and in real time.


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