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Glassware ELA, a device that allows everyone to comunicate

Innoarea Projects, as a spin off of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, is always interested in participating in research projects where it can contribute its background in the field of design or, as in this case, in the development of applications. This, together with the concern to contribute to social improvement in the medical field, have motivated us to participate in the call for research grants from the hospital La Fe de Valencia. Specifically, together with Tyris Software, we have developed an application that allows patients with moderate or severe disabilities to communicate with their families only by blinking, thanks to a technology that uses Google Glass.



One of the objectives of the project is to use technology to have a positive impact on the quality of life of people with moderate or severe disabilities. As a matter of fact we can improving their communication skills, facilitating their interaction with the health system and enhancing control of the environment. Indeed,  just blinking the patient will be able to communicate with their relatives and caregivers without risking and improving the healing process at the same time. The other objective is creative, and would be to get Google Glass to recognize the blinking of these patients and generate responses in the application, so that the first objective is achievable.



The initial project is the development of an app that allows interaction through blinking. Thanks to thias solution the patients can communicate with their families and caregivers. Working together with Tyris Software, who are dedicated to covering all stages of the process of creating a technological project, we have developed an app that can be used with Google Glass. Furthermore is immediate to understand how it works, for patients, family and caregivers too. Finally, we can say that thanks to new technologies it is possible to give new opportunities and improve the lifestyle of people with disabilities.



The application of new technologies to healthcare is a process that will develop more and more given the fact that they allow solving precision problems, data recording, processes, information and many more. The opportunity is in the ability to minimize errors by nurses, doctors and laboratory technicians, ensuring a higher level of safety for patients and workers in hospitals and research centers.


Efficient Comunication

ELA Glassware allows faster communication with the internal and external environment of patients.

Speed of service

The intervention time is reduced.


The possibility of error during the processes is reduced.


In this project, the use of  Google Glass augmented reality glasses stands out. Smart glasses allow the display of information of different types (eg: instructions) leaving your hands free.

This technology makes it possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reducing errors and increasing the safety of the processes in which they are used.


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