AR Catalog for Levantina

Thanks to Augmented Reality with Google Glass smart glasses, Levantina has been able to present itself to an innovative company and leader in the ceramic sector.

Levantina is an international company of Spanish origin, a world benchmark in the Natural Stone sector and a pioneer in the commitment to large-format, thin-thickness Techlam® porcelain tiles. Since its origins in 1959, the company has grown progressively and has expanded strongly in the international market, becoming a clear benchmark in the sector of construction materials, and coatings for any type of surface for architecture and decoration and interior design.d.



A fair like CERSAIE is, for the ceramic sector, the key event for the all industry. It is time to expose the news and close commercial agreements for the rest of the season. An examination, before consumers and customers, in which you have to be at the height. That is why companies and companies of the stature of the ceramist Levantina consider this fair as one of the key points in their marketing strategy. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to ensure that all the design elements are complemented by reinforcing the philosophy with which the company is presented at this fair: Levantina, an innovative brand. It will be important to find a tool that allows the company to be seen as at the forefront and therefore it will be more attractive in front of the visitors of the fair, thus being able to confirm its motto.



The needs of the company are satisfied thanks to the design and development of a specific app for Google Glass thanks to the status of the first Glass Explores in the Valencian Community. This glassware created specifically for Levantina’s participation in the CERSAIE 2014 Fair, allows users to scan real images and access extra content that completes the experience of the company’s stand. Actually, we are talking about one of the first experiences of using Google Glass to promote the activity of a ceramic company during a sectoral event. This type of technology allows you to present yourself as at the forefront against the competition and potential customers attracted by trying a new and interactive experience.



The use of Augmented Reality allows an immersive and innovative experience. Thanks to smart glasses, visitors to the exhibition will be able to live an extended experience by being able to access extra information during their visit. Through this technology, an exhibition will be considered as innovative and at the forefront, attracting customers’ attention by offering them a new way of presenting products. Consequently, the company will be able to give a positive image of the brand and increase engagement.


Leaders in innoavation

Levantina is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

Cost Savings

The cost of the fair stand is reduced.


Improvement of communication tools and product sales.


In this project, the use of Google Glass augmented reality glasses stands out. Smart glasses allow the display of information of different types (eg: instructions) leaving your hands free.

This technology makes it possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reducing errors and increasing the safety of the processes in which they are used.


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