Starting point

Automobile insurers spend millions of euros annually on the costs of moving the experts to the place where the vehicle is found. Thanks to our experience as an early Explorers of Google Glass of Spain, from Innoarea we detected that this device was perfect to be used by these professionals in order to reduce these recurring expenses.


Strategic: Design a tool that allows the expert to analyze the incident without moving physically to the place where it is.
Creatives: Make use of the execution possibilities offered by the Googles Glass allowing to create an easy-to-use tool that meets the target.


Development of an application for Google Glass that allows the expert to communicate directly with the person in charge of the workshop, where the vehicle is found, while this one shows the damages through the Glass chamber that the mechanic own.


First real-time video streaming experience using Google Glass.

More Info: -la-app-en-forinvest

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