Google Glass & Expertise

Thanks to this application, through the Google Glass glasses the expert will be able to work from anywhere, saving costs and travel time.

Car insurers spend millions of euros annually on the costs derived from the transfer of the experts to the place where the damaged vehicle is located. Thanks to our experience as one of the first Google Glass Explorers in Spain, at Innoarea Projects we detected that this device was perfect to be used by these professionals in order to reduce these recurring expenses.



One of the main objectives is to design a tool that allows the expert to analyze the loss without physically moving to the place where the vehicle is located, saving time and travel costs. Secondly, another aim is to make use of the execution possibilities offered by Google Glass, allowing the creation of an easy-to-use tool that meets the objective set. The combination of these two purposes makes possible a new, more efficient way of working that uses the technology of the moment, positioning those who use it as market innovators.



The objectives are met thanks to the development of an application for Google Glass that allows the expert to communicate directly with the person in charge of the workshop, where the wrecked vehicle is located, while he shows the damage through the Glass camera , something that is very useful in case of accident. The second edition of Forotech, the Forinvest Technology Forum, was the framework chosen by Innoarea to present our app for the Google Glass. In a second phase of development, this application will also serve to immediately quantify the repairing cost. In the process of analyzing the damage, the mechanic, carrying the Google Glass, will be able to access the catalog of parts and place the order for those that have to be replaced, being able to present a first part of the work that informs the insurance companies of the estimated cost of the repair and thus accelerating the repair of the vehicle.



The competitive advantages of using smart glasses are clear. They allow you to work from anywhere while being always available, especially in the case of urgent assistance. As a matter of fact, this service responds in a quick and efficient way. In addition, time and travel costs are saved through a new technology that positions the company among the innovative. Likewise, the possibility of saving time in diagnosis is also a very important tool that allows us to offer a more efficient and faster service.


Líderes en innovación

Offer an innovative solution within the sector.

Efficent Service

Speed ​​of service and intervention.

Travel cost savings

The costs and times due to travel are reduced.


In this project, the use of Google Glass augmented reality stands out. Smart glasses allow the display of information of different types (eg: instructions) leaving your hands free.

This technology makes it possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency, reducing errors and increasing the safety of the processes in which they are used.


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