Nuii presents its new category of products through an exotic experience in virtual reality

Thanks to Virtual Reality, Nuii has been able to present its new category of ice creams through an exotic experience that touches the five senses.

Nuii is the ‘premium’ ice cream brand, a product of Helados Nestlé, inspired by the discoveries made when traveling the world. In fact it is aimed at adventurous and open people, who are looking for something new. Nuii makes all its ice creams with fresh cream and covers them with a thick layer of chocolate with large pieces of fruit or nuts. Each of their ice creams is based on an ingredient with certified origin.



Nuii wanted to present its new category of ice cream while remaining consistent with its target customers and its corporate identity, meaning that its ice creams will have to be as part of an adventurous and traveling experience. The presentation of the new product category should be perceived as a novelty that allows an original experience. That is why it is important to use a tool that gives the possibility of creating a presentation that leaves customers surprised by the strong innovation of the product.



Nuii has joined virtual reality to show its new category of ice creams, with an experience that touches the five senses. It was launched a campaign: Do you want to live an unforgettable experience? you sign up? . This is how, the most adventurous and open people traveled in the jungle trying the new flavors of Nuii ice cream while living an unforgettable journey in virtual reality. We have developed an exotic experience, locating it virtually on the island of Java, where the natural products necessary to produce ice cream are obtained. In the experience we find different characteristic animals of the jungle such as a tiger, a hummingbird, elephants and other species that will be in contact with the user during the tour. You will also find a cave, a volcano, a coast for a complete experience that takes you directly to the island of Java.



Nuii route consists of four parts: jungle, cave, coast and temple. The user begins the experience in the village, where he prepares to enter the exotic jungle. Little by little he gets closer to the cave, where there is a large erupting volcano. Then you will arrive to the coast, a quiet place with beautiful landscapes. We have already reached the end of the route, stopping at the feet of a temple. The inside of the temple is completely dark, but two points do not stop shining in the clear darkness, it is when a tiger pounces on the user and the experience is finished. An adrenaline rush that blends perfectly with the wonderful exotic scenes. A combination like the cover and the interior of the new Nuii flavors.



Through virtual reality, we achieve a unique experience and a visual and auditory immersion of the user in the environment, generating new feelings towards technology and the company will be seen as innovative in its sector. Likewise, this type of presentation of a new product allows customers to be attracted, leaving them with a positive impression and image of the company. It is also a tool that allows you to save advertising costs by creating new marketing that surely draws the attention of customers and competitors.



The user can interact with the work.

Band image

Added value of the virtual experience.


There is no physical limit of viewers.



For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve the highest graphic quality since it works connected to a computer.

The Oculus Insight system works at room scale, allowing users to move around a real space while interacting with the application. Rift S visor has five sensors to track movements, with a system that works from the inside out. Moreover the closest position tracking is enhanced to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing to objects in the game.

The Oculus Rift S also allows us to see the environment without having to remove our helmet.


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