AR Catalog & Machineries

Thanks to the AR Catalog now Mecal machinery can present its machinery and systems in 3D and in an innovative way.

Founded in 1978 by Ennio Cavezzale,  Mecal Machinery is a company specialized in the production of machines and systems for the processing of aluminum, PVC and light alloys. Thanks to their activity and production capacity, they have been able to achieve prestigious results and achieve unanimous successes, many of which have been obtained on the international scene. They also demonstrate strong technological innovation in production facilities and end products and a complete production cycle that is fully carried out indoors, in total autonomy.



The need for Mecal Machinery  is to provide the flyers with added information to improve the understanding of the product. The complexity of the machinery and the systems they offer create difficulties at the time of presentation, being the product very specific and complex. The challenge is to find a tool that allows the presentation of this type of products in a simple and complete way, with all the necessary information that potential customers should know. In addition, being able to present a product in an innovative way leaves a positive image and attracts more customers, thanks to the retention of the brand that causes a technological experience.



To meet the needs of the company we have created a custom design of the AR Catalog product. In practice, it is a corporate brochure design that shows what the company and its values. The solution consist in an app that use a mobil devise whitch projects the 3D model of each machine on its page. The use of Augmented Reality through mobile devices brings great added value to the traditional catalog.  Through the InnoCATALOG product we design a company app with information on its solutions, improving the sales tools of its commercials.



Through the AR Catalog you can view products in real dimension, overcoming the limitations of the physical catalog. In addition, the company will be able to position itself as a leader through technological innovation thanks to the added value to the traditional way of presenting products. It is also possible to reuse the experience without investment, saving human and financial resources. It is a powerful commercial and marketing tool for the company, the sales representatives and the distributors.


Leaders in innovation

Mecal Machinery is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

3D visualization of industrial machinery

Complete visualization of the machinery is made possible.


Improved marketing tools


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows virtual elements to be superimposed on our vision of reality. AR allows us to expand what our eyes see, using technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

This type of technology helps us to generate experiences that allow us to know in depth our environment in 3D, in real time and with its real dimensions.


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