Mixed reality in the industry

DicomaPack is a company with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machinery for packaging.

They are specialized in integral end-of-line solutions customized for any type of product, sector or market.

One of the most complex works is the design and adaptation of the facilities before assembly.

These tasks are performed at the client’s headquarters, trying to reduce the margin of error prior to installation.

For the Mixed Reality Industry solution we turn to AR Assist  and VR Training solutions.

Through our AR ASSIST and VR TRAINING products we design a custom Mixed Reality app.

Before the final placement of the machinery we use a specific application for Hololens that fulfills these functions.

Through this software, the device projects a life-size image of the machinery that is intended to be installed.

It allows to technicians verify that the future installation conforms to the space and technical characteristics of the factory.

The Mixed Reality is also a powerful tool for the design and adaptation of facilities prior to assembly.

Competitive advantages

Mixed Reality for Industry 4.0

Assembly cost savings

Pioneers in technological innovation

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