Assist VR & Training VR

Dicoma, thanks to Assist VR and Training VR, can perform the most complicated tasks remotely.

DicomaPack, a company with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and supply of industrial machinery for packaging and wrapping. They are specialized in end-of-line end-of-line solutions customized for any type of product, sector or market. They are concerned with improving production processes, providing 100% customized integral solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and consolidate processes in order to satisfy customers’ needs.



One the most complex jobs of DicomaPack is the design and adaptation of the installations before their assembly. These tasks are carried out at the client’s headquarters, trying to reduce the margin of error prior to installation. The challenge is to optimize times by solving incidents immediately and also to find a tool that can guide operators and technicians in tasks such as repairs, diagnostics or installations in a more efficient way. It is also very important to solve the problem of the complexity and magnitude of the technical knowledge that is needed to know for the maintenance and repair of the machines.



DicomaPack thanks to our solutions has been able to solve your problems. Innoarea Projects designed a Mixed Reality Industry app for the company, we resorted to Assist AR and Training VR. Before the final placement of the machinery we use a specific application for Hololens that fulfills these functions (for more information: Applications with Hololens for the Industrial sector). Using this software, the device projects a life-size image of the machinery to be installed. Allowing technicians to check that the future installation adjusts to the space and technical characteristics of the factory. Mixed Reality is also a powerful tool for the design and adaptation of facilities prior to their assembly.



The Assist AR is a communication tool that allows the resolution of incidents in real time through remote assistance. Our software facilitates live video communication between the unskilled person who needs technical support from a remote field expert without the need to travel. It saves technicians time and travel costs and also makes it possible to transport all technical knowledge from anywhere in the world when support is required for maintenance, repair or installation tasks.


Mixed Reality for Industry 4.0

DicomaPack is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

Cost and Time Savings

The cost and time to resolve incidents is reduced.

Shared Technical Knowledge

These incidents will be saved for future occasions on the web platform.


Microsoft HoloLens are mixed reality smart glasses, that is, the perfect combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Through this product it is possible to create new spaces in which real or virtual objects and people can interact in a comfortable and enveloping way.

This tool, applied in the industrial sector, gives the operator total freedom in his hands, being able to carry out any type of task, such as repairing machines, while consulting the extra information that appears on the screen before his eyes.


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