Interactive App for OGMA

OGMA mejora la experiencia de su Showroom a través de la App interactiva presentándose como una empresa innovadora y de alta calidad.

Founden in 1918, OGMA  is a leading Portuguese aeronautical company, offering a complete portfolio of services aimed at defense, commercial aviation and executive aviation. Internationally, it provides aerostructures maintenance and manufacturing services. With more than 1,700 employees, it manufactures and maintains aircraft, and provides comprehensive services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It is proud to participate in some of the most prominent aeronautical programs, providing its services to companies such as Boeing, Embraer, Dassault, Airbus Military, Lockheed Martin, Pilatus Aircraft, AgustaWestland and Eurocopter. OGMA participated in the Paris Air Show 2017.



The case of OGMA is the need to present itself to customers offering its services in a professional, complete and attractive way.  As a matter of fact the Paris Air Show 2017 is a very importany  international air show and trade fair for the aviation business. Being a company in the aeronautical sector means being able to offer high security in all the services.  In order to obtain this it is essential to provide all possible information of the servicies and products giving to the potential customers the possibility to feel safe and with a greater propensity to buy. It is also important to have an innovative service experience that draws attentio. In addition the content of the presentation will be captured and remembered more thanks to the interactive experience.



OGMA chose to present itself to customers with the AR Catalog equipped with an interactive application, created by Innoarea Projects, which allows the 3D visualization of printed catalog. Our application allowed the visualization of multimedia and files, improving the experience inside the stand. So OGMA through this application has been able to achieve its objectives of showing itself as innovative and professional, adding a technological tool that allows customers to have an interactive experience with which they can discover more information about the company and its products. Augmented Reality technology allows you to view your products in 3D in the real environment, showing objects in their size and volume and thus breaking the barriers of the physical catalog.



Choosing to present a product through new technologies allows to have competitive advantages in the sector of interest of the company. Thanks to a AR Catalog with an interactive app, the ferial stand will attract the attention of customers who will not forget the experience, consequently increasing the retention and value of the brand image. New technologies are an efficient, functional communication tool that is always more widely used.


Leaders in innovation

OGMA is positioned as an innovator within the sector.

Costs saving

Improvement of the services offered.


Improve customer acquisition tools.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows virtual elements to be superimposed on our vision of reality. Augmented Reality allows us to expand what our eyes see, using technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. This type of technology helps us to generate experiences that allow us to know in depth our environment in 3D, in real time and dimensions.


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