VR Showroom and VR Interact

Pygsa is an industrial machinery supplier for quality control.

It’s specialized in installation of machine vision machinery for end of line.

This company wanted to move its customers to a real factory where they could see their machines running.

The impossibility of installing a complete production line in its fair stand made it turn to our solutions.

For the visualization of machinery with Virtual Reality, we use VR Showroom and VR Interact solutions.

Through our VR SHOWROOM product we were able to show the complete process performed by your machines in a virtual factory.

With this development Pygsa has appeared in the most important events in the sector such as:

All4Pack, the world’s most prestigious international packaging and manutention fair.

PPMA Gran Total, reference fair for machinery for end of line and packaging in the United Kingdom.

ENOMAQ, international machinery contest for the wine sector in Zaragoza.

Competitive advantages

Show factory virtually

Cost saving

Improve the positioning

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