Showroom VR & Interact AR

Porcelanosa presents its new Par-ker product line for the first time through the Virtual Showroom with the Interact AR tool, ensuring an immersive and unlimited experience.

Porcelanosa Group, which has 8 companies and is today a reference company in the world of ceramics, kitchen furniture and bathroom elements, based on values ​​such as innovation and quality but, above all, based on the trust placed in its extensive human team, made up of almost 5000 people, and in the care of their social environment. Currently, the eight companies in the Group offer an extensive range of products that range from kitchen and bathroom equipment to technological materials and advanced construction solutions for contemporary architecture.



Argenta’s objective is to be able to successfully present and sell the new collections of its products, capturing the attention of visitors and transmitting a positive image of the company, proving to be an innovative company that adapts to the present and future of the ceramic sector. In order to achieve its mission, the company needs a way to present the new collections of its products with all the necessary information, it is also important to find a way to be perceived as more interesting compared to direct competitors, it is also essential to show itself to effective and potential customers as a company that always looks to the future, this allows to maintain and create long-term relationships with a high level of loyalty, which guarantees a better propensity when buying Argenta products.



In response to Argenta’s needs, Innoarea developed an application for two of its new collections. It was intended to make known to its customers, in an interactive way, the technical and aesthetic aspects of these collections, to facilitate their sale. This was made possible by the use of Leap Motion technology, along with two LED displays. This technology uses a sensor, which in this case is located above the LED screen, which captures the gestures of the hands, which allow controlling the functions of the screen. In this way, Argenta products can be presented in real dimensions together with all the necessary information, creating the “wow” effect on visitors, facilitating sales and leaving the image of an innovative company. Thanks to this tool, the company can save travel costs for ceramic products by having a clean and attractive fair stand.



Thanks to virtual interaction technologies such as Leap Motion, it is possible to create an interactive and experiential experience for trade fair visitors. The use of this tool allows saving the costs of moving the products, leaving an innovative image of the company that sees the sale of its solutions facilitated. The result will be a company capable of attracting the attention of visitors and the competition present at fairs, gaining a competitive position in its sector.


Leaders in innovation

Argenta is positioned as an innovative in the market.

Cost savings

Reduce the cost of the ferial stand.


Better communication and sale tools.


For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve the highest graphic quality since it works connected to a computer.

The Oculus Insight system works on a room scale, allowing users to move around a real space to interact with the app.

The Rift S scope has five sensors to track movement, with a system that works from the inside out. That is, the closest position tracking is enhanced to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing to objects in the game. The Oculus Rift S also allow us to see the environment without having to remove our helmet.


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