VR Showroom

AIMPLAS is one of the leading companies in the plastics sector.

It’s involved in the development of innovative products related to the plastics industry, improving the qualities of the materials used by companies in their production line.

The company works in different sectors such as construction, recycling and environment, electronics, medicine, nautical and automotive, among many others.

The large dimensions of these machine tools make it impossible to move, install and commercially organize them all over Spain.

The Virtual Reality project is a totally immersive experience. Specifically, it is a showroom that allows the user to move around freely thanks to VR glasses in different settings where the AIMPLAS materials can be viewed: a house, a bedroom, a car and, finally, a hospital.

Once the assistant puts on the glasses, he has the feeling of being physically in each of the rooms. Through the Virtual Reality controls, he can obtain information about different objects designed by AIMPLAS, from biodegradable pipes to outdoor furniture made of wood and plastic materials as well as intelligent biomaterials that regenerate the maxillofacial tissue, reducing surgeries.

Competitive Advantages

Innovation Leaders

Costs saving

Improves Sales Tools

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