Interactive 3D content in a Showroom

Thanks to the Showroom with interactive contents, Tavil gains its presence at fairs as an innovative company.

Tavil is a leading industrial company in automatic multi-format packaging lines. They offer their customers the packaging and palletizing solutions that best suit their needs. Tavil solutions are programmed to work in a multi-format system and can memorize different formulas that are linked to automatic changes for each part of the packing and palletizing line. Quick and easy input of new data at the touch of a button. Intuitive screens make it easy for the user to use.



Tavil, for its presence at fairs, needed a way to present its automatic packaging lines in a professional and attractive way for the visitors. Another characteristic of Tavil is the variety and customization of its solutions for clients, which presuppose a large amount of informations to communicate. Moving the machines and being able to show how they work represent a problem that must necessarily be solved. It is sure that this will guarantee a greater influx of visitors and a higher possibility of sale.



To solve Tavil’s problems, Innoarea Projects found a sales tool for its Showroom that works through touch devices, which allows its customers to view their products virtually. This solution is realized with interactive 3D content in real time for touch devices, in order to have a virtual visit of a packing and palletizing line. The development also incorporates expanded information on each machine that is accessed in a very intuitive way. As a consequence, the application combines 3D elements with real videos of the machines in operation. Likewise, adopting technological solutions implies significant cost savings with respect to the movement and installation of products.



Choosing to present a product through new technologies in a Showroom allows you to stand out as an innovative company. An interactive experience is carried out in which customers can see the facilities or products, especially their operation. Its easy-to-navigate feature allows you to save costs and quickly reach a larger number of customers.


Leaders in innovation

Tavil is positioned as an innovative company within the sector.

Cost savings

The cost of the fair stand is reduced.


Improvement of sales and communication tools.


For this project Innoarea Projects used touch devices (tablets), where the company’s facilities could be viewed.

In fact, the latter were recreated in 3D allowing also to see their operation in real time. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain more information only by clicking on the parts of the machine.


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