Training VR at UCV

Thanks to training through Virtual Reality, medical and nursing students can now practice real situations and be future high-level professionals.

The Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV) is a private institution of higher education and research that has different campuses in: Valencia, Edetania, Torrent, La Ribera and La Costera. The UCV is an institution capable of offering professional training, relating to the current environment and needs, but above all responding to the commitment to the generation of the future.



The main problem for students is to practice what they study, especially during university. Among them, the doctors and nurses of the future have one of the greatest responsibilities, the health of the people, so for them to have a lot of experience would be important to have more security for themselves and future patients. The challenge is to find a tool that can help in the practical training of students and in this specific case doctors and nurses, that is, to simulate real situations in some way.



The solution was using the Training VR. From now on, students of the Nursing and Medicine degrees will be able to train through the Medical Training Platform, the Virtual Reality software that we have developed from Innoarea Projects to train future health professionals. Medical Training Platform, is designed through a realistic 3D environment and an intuitive interface, thanks to what authentically simulates an operating room in which future health professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, surgeons, doctors or nursing assistants) have the possibility ti test their knowledge and developing your skills by recreating concrete situations. Within the Virtual Reality experience, students can closely observe certain muscles and organs of the human body, touching and interacting with them through the command; they can also form a skeleton from the bones that are placed on the surgical table, starting from three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult).



The contribution of Virtual Reality allows us to achieve important competitive advantages in the university education sector. First, it brings an innovation that greatly attract the new generations, accustomed to new technologies, and also parents who will see a better future for their children. Introducing Virtual Reality in the training of students is a way of positively intervening in the future of the community and its professionals.


Leaders in innovation

The UCV is an innovator within the sector.

Costumers Acquisition

Improvement of the services offered.


Improvement of the training of the professionals of the future.


For this project we have opted for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device, which allows us to achieve the highest graphic quality since it works connected to a computer.

The Oculus Insight system works at room scale, allowing users to move around a real space to interact with the application. The Rift S scope has five sensors to track movement, with a system that works from the inside out.

That is, the closest position tracking is enhanced to improve the sensation when grasping and pointing to objects in the game.  The Oculus Rift S also allow us to see the environment without having to remove our helmet.


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