Showroom VR

Immersive viewing

Virtual showrooms is an interactive experiences that introduce customers to a 100% digital environment. This solution allows to take tours of any space or facility and interact with all kinds of objects ranging from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes. The virtual showroom is infinite, without walls, without limits. Now is possible to overcome any physical or creative limitation of the physical exhibition space. In addition, it is a portable experience, which can be moved anywhere in the world in a small suitcase.

Main benefits:

  • Portable experience;
  • Savings in moving, assembly and installation costs;
  • Reuse of experience without investment;
  • Reduced time to resolve incidents;
  • Elimination of travel costs for technical staff;
  • Tool that captures the attention of attendees;
  • Improved customer service;
  • High brand retention in the mind of a potential customer.


  • Personalized design

    We create custom showrooms for each client

  • Native VR application

    We develop native application for virtual reality devices

  • Viewing details

    Detailed view of products even within them

  • Infinite use

    It can be enjoyed all the times required by the client




At Innoarea, we generate virtual representations of your product that perfectly simulate materials, textures and details using the latest digital recreation techniques. In addition, virtual showrooms allow to reproduced with high precision the products during their operation, through animations and technical explanations.



Virtual showrooms represent significant cost and time savings. As a matter of fact, the high expenses derived from the transfer, assembly and installation of physical showrooms are eliminated. Our projects are always updateable and can be modified when needed. Finally, the showroom allows unlimited uses.



These virtual experiences are capable of achieving a high impact on users, since it is a VIP channel of communication. According to a study developed by Greenlight VR, 53% of consumers prefer brands that offer virtual experiences, which is why at fairs and events it becomes a powerful tool when it comes to capturing the attention of attendees. In this way, it is possible to produce an effect of admiration on customers, providing a great differential value compared to the competition. At the same time, this immersion causes a high retention of the brand in the mind of a potential customer.