Show the product or installation to the customer in an immersive environment through Virtual Reality.

Virtual showrooms are interactive experiences that introduce clients to a 100% digital environment, allowing them to take tours of any type of installation space and interact with all kinds of objects ranging from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes. The virtual showroom is infinite, without walls or limits. It overcomes the physical or creative limitations of the traditional exhibition space. It’s also a portable experience, able to be moved to anywhere in the world in a small suitcase.

Main advantages

  • An experience that replicates reality
  • Portable experience
  • Save on moving, assembling and installation costs
  • Re-experience without investment
  • Reduce the time it takes to solve technical problems
  • Eliminate technician travel costs
  • Tool to capture the attention of the assistants
  • Helps potential clients remember your brand


  • Custom design

    We create custom showrooms for each client

  • Native VR apps

    We develop the applications for VR headset

  • Virtual Closeup

    Watch each product closely even inside them

  • Infinite

    Re-use the experience every time you want




In Innoarea, we generate virtual clones of your product that perfectly simulate materials, textures and details using the latest digital recreation techniques. Moreover, the virtual showrooms allow the reproduction with high precision the processes through animations and technical explanations of the main values of the products, namely, layers that offer a more detailed information of certain objects.



Virtual showrooms suggest significant savings in cost and time since they do not involve recurring costs, and the high costs derived from the move, assembly and installation of physical showrooms are eliminated. Our software projects are updatable and modifiable to accommodate changing needs. Therefore, you can have unlimited diverse uses of your showroom.



These virtual experiences are capable of achieving a high impact on users as they are dealing with a VIP communication channel. According to a study developed by Greenlight VR, 53% of consumers prefer brands that offer virtual experiences, so it becomes a powerful tool in fairs and events when it comes to capturing the attention of attendees. In this way, it is possible to produce an effect of admiration in the clients, contributing a great differential value to the competition. Simultaneously, this immersion causes a high retention of your brand in the mind of your potential client.