Training VR

Simulation of experiences of product use through virtual or augmented reality oriented to the training of qualified personnel.

Virtual reality training consists of simulating real cases in a controlled virtual environment. It is a perfect tool to properly prepare employees for complex situations they could face in reality. It allows employees to train autonomously, that is, without needing to enlist the help of a professional. No maximum capacity, no schedule limitations; available 24/7, and limitless: it can be done anywhere without any physical limitations.

Main advantages

  • Knowledge through experience
  • Simulations based on both everyday and emergency use cases
  • Real experience by simulated repetition
  • Gamification dynamics in the experience
  • Eliminate risks in trainings
  • Reduction of occupational accidents
  • Training cost savings
  • Leading positioning through technological innovation


  • Train

    Train new employees using custom applications in virtual reality

  • Data registration

    Individual progress registration

  • Infinite

    Reusable experience




    Training in VR implies saving time as operators prepare themselves in a faster manner to solve incidents. It also means saving on material and personal costs: it avoids having to move or travel and it is a safe method to gain experience without any workplace accidents. Thanks to simulations, workers can learn to solve complicated tasks before having to perform them in the workplace, therefore avoiding exposure to any risks.



    Moreover, it allows you to monitor the processes, reviewing each of the operations performed by the operators offering a control of the procedures. This is of special interest to understand what mistakes are made, try to get employees to detect them and perform the tasks correctly, measuring with high precision the productivity and efficiency of each operator.



    VR training provides greater motivation for workers, since it is an incentive for training. Unlike traditional knowledge training through books or procedural manuals, VR training simulates realistic experiences allowing users to have a personal experience, further motivating and stimulating the training.