From Innoarea we are very proud to be able to tell you the story of our collaboration with the VITA company, dedicated to the comprehensive care of people in situations of dependency.

It was Vita herself who realized the importance of technologies such as virtual reality, 360-degree video, etc., could help improve, in many respects, the experience of those people who needed your help. This is what Vita herself says on her website:

“VITAVR was born from its parent company, VITA PROFESIONALES, SL Since 2013 we have been intervening with thousands of people in a situation of dependency in Madrid (Spain). Our work has always been based on the search for user welfare, rehabilitation and its autonomy. From our experience we saw that we lacked tools that went one step further; two years ago we discovered the possibilities that different systems based on virtual and augmented reality gave us. ”


From Innoarea we design a system whose objective is to combine 360-degree video technology and its remote control. Following the instructions of Vita therapists, a series of videos and images with 360-degree technology were created. The most interesting of these videos and images is that we managed to connect a “circuit” of mobile devices (with their corresponding glasses) to a PC, from which control is exercised on many aspects such as: speed of the advance of videos, music to reproduce, pause and resume … The therapist in charge of the session also has the opportunity, thanks to this system, to communicate in real time with those who receive the joint therapy to be able to guide them through the therapeutic session, as well as control everything related to the reproduction and visualization of video, image and music. In this way, and thanks to the system devised, up to fifteen people can connect through this network and receive, supervised at all times by specialized personnel, a group therapy based on the great visual and auditory stimulus that the application of this type implies of technologies to the therapeutic field.